July 2021
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Jazz Goes Collegiate!

Jazz Goes Collegiate!

Four and a half years ago I first met Colin Hancock, whose recognition and reputation as an eminent authority on early jazz, especially that performed

Clarence Williams Washboard Four

Jazz Royalty Remembered: Prince Robinson

Jazz history is not necessarily written by its winners, yet they still manage to dominate the narrative. There are certainly landmark musicians whose influence merits

Monterey is Back in 2022!

Monterey is Back in 2022!

In 2020, the Monterey Jazz Bash by the Bay was the final major festival on the trad jazz circuit that took place before the pandemic

Stan Kenton Legacy Band Orchestra

Stan Kenton Orchestra Marks 80 Years

2021 marks the 80th anniversary of the Stan Kenton Orchestra, which debuted as the Artistry in Rhythm band on Memorial Day of 1941 at the

Matthew de Lacey Davidson

Catching Up With Matthew Davidson

Many of us have not heard from Matthew de Lacey Davidson for some time. Though he is now retired from performing, his ragtime recordings are

Keenan McKenzie

Reedman Keenan McKenzie Keeps Riffing!

Keenan McKenzie has his own bands: the Riffers are a popular dance-oriented swing combo with a three-horn front line, while the Keenan McKenzie Orchestra is


Texas Shout #69 Substitutes

Set forth below is the sixty-ninth “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the February 1996 issue of TAR. The text has not been updated.

Jazz Goes Collegiate!

Jazz Goes Collegiate!

Four and a half years ago I first met Colin Hancock, whose recognition and reputation as an eminent authority on early jazz, especially that performed

Domingo Mancuello

A Visit with Domingo Mancuello

Although pianist Domingo Mancuello (pronounced Man-KWAY-o) lives only three miles from me (but not for long—see below), I did not meet him here in Lancaster.

A cold live show with Champian Fulton

A cold live show with Champian Fulton

Like many of you since the onset of COVID, I’ve been itching to be able to attend live music events and festivals. There just haven’t

Jimmy Rushing (1946)

Jimmy Rushing: Profiles in Jazz

During the swing era, there were two types of male singers that were employed by many big bands, and then there was Jimmy Rushing. While

This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

The New Orleans Jazz Museum eagerly announced the following: Satchmo SummerFest presented by Chevron will return to the New Orleans Jazz Museum as a live

At the Nickel-A-Dance

Nickel-A-Dance Returns!

Sponsored by the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, the following press release was a welcome announcement: “NICKEL-A-DANCE is a free series of Sunday afternoon

Keep on Truckin' in the Quarter

Keep on Truckin’ in the Quarter

Although easing up a bit, the current situation has put a stop to most live music in New Orleans but it has created some alternatives

Felder #2

Live Jazz Returns to Tel Aviv

Considering that Israel is a country about the size of New Jersey with a population of about nine million, I would guess that per capita,

Charlie Carson Records in the Far East

Charlie Carson Records in the Far East

Last month’s piece in this column was on Charlie Carson and his partner in crime Russell Hunting. This month will be a continuation of Carson’s

Carson and birdies c.1910

The Charming and Cunning Charlie Carson

In 1896, two phonograph engineers were arrested for the first crime not patent related within the recording business. The more famous of the two, Russell

Second Hand Rows

Second Hand Rows

4 years BC (Before Covid) my life hit a scary financial pothole. I had a small, yet vital secondary income and theoretically it would have

You Can't Kill Death

You Can’t Kill Death

I don’t know who first said it but it’s as true a statement as one can utter: Death is the great equalizer. On Monday, April

Randi Cee

Clichés in the COVID Cabaret

I am a bacon-wrapped cliché, an idiom in puffed pastry. And sometimes I am the wrong that proves the right. I have been absent from

Stan McDonald

Farewell to Stan McDonald (1935-2021)

Stanley ‘Stan’ Montrose McDonald, Jr. (1935-2021) loved the music of Sidney Bechet, his wife Ellen, their historic semi-rural Massachusetts home and a hard-driving rhythm section

Professor Cunningham and his Old School Pants Optional FB

How to Be the Darling of Social Media

Like it or not, social media is not only here to stay, but also an integral part of the professional musician’s career. Our path has

There Goes Another Gig

There Goes Another Gig

I was talking with a colleague recently who told me that someone had uploaded all the Nirvana songs to an A.I. algorithm, then the A.I.

Whoever's Left Jazz Band

A Quarantine Year in Review

Well folks, it’s been one full year since our lives all fundamentally changed. If you’d have asked me a year ago where we’d be by

Harrigan’s Orpheum

Harrigan’s Orpheum

I am blowing off the dust this month with Max Morath. There are so many stories from his long career, but I am beginning with

Bob Darch: Saving Sedalia’s Ragtime Heritage

Stepping Out Of The Shade

As I watch civilization slowly emerge from our pandemic hibernation, I realize we still live in a dangerous world. I find myself in a tentative

Maple Leaf Rag Contract

Scott Joplin Autographs

For many admirers, a personally signed autograph is a treasured keepsake. For over fifty years I avidly accumulated these bits of personalized ephemera. It all

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